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Coaching Programs

Every person is different and unique so we will develop a personal coaching plan that is specific to you and your unique situation.

Together we will walk through an insightful process of self-discovery, setting empowering and inspiring goals, and creating an action plan that would take you where you want to go.

We will first review the different aspects of your personal and professional life and identify those areas that are not creating the level of happiness and satisfaction you are looking for. We will then dig deeper into any of these areas and establish the level of clarity, awareness, and focus you need to get the results you are after and create the life you really want.

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Coaching sessions are usually 75 min long and take place in my office (SF East Bay Area) or over the Phone/Skype.

Introductory Phone Consultation: Free

Discovery & Strategy session:         $240            

Career Counseling session (75 min):            $240 

Clarity & Choices Package (5x sessions):   $1100  

Get-It-Done Package (10x sessions): $2000    

Executive Coaching session (90 min): $300 

Business Coaching Bundle:             $3000    

Executive Coaching Full Program:                $4000    

All coaching packages include assessments, email support and free access to Success Wizard - our proprietary step-by-step online coaching program, available 24/7.

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“If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and every day you have the opportunity to write a new page.”  

- Mark Houlahan

"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become"

- Carl Gustav Jung